Myriads full output

Input file was: PvalMyriads.dat


B-H: The Benjamini & Hochberg method (Benjamini & Hochberg 1995).
BonSEV: BonferroniSEV (modified from Li et al. 2017 to incorporate SLIM PI0 estimation).
SB: The sequential Bonferroni method (Holm 1979).
SGoF: The SGoF method (BMC Bioinformatics: Carvajal-Rodriguez et al 2009).
SLIM: Sliding Linear Model (Wang et al 2011).

Total number of tests = 7.
Number of tests below user defined significance level 0.05 = 4.
Gamma for expectations under SGoF metatest = 0.05.
For informational purpose only, values in red mean that the corresponding adjusted p-value (or SLIM or q-value) is lower than the a priori user-defined significance level.
π0 estimation method was the mode of all methods.

TEST-IDP-valueB-HBonSEVSBSGoF(0.05)SLIM q-value (π0 = 1)

Adjusted p-values for SGoF were computed following Castro-Conde & de Una-Alvarez 2015. Adjusted B-H, BonSEV and SB p-values were computed following Yekutieli & Benjamini 1999. Values of 1 mean that the adjusted value was 1 or higher. Adjusted B-H p-values coincide with q-values under the complete null hypothesis (π0 = 1) and large number of tests. Values under SLIM correspond to the q-value obtained using the SLIM estimate for the proportion of true nulls.

(C) 2017 by A. Carvajal-Rodriguez